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Welcome to Bright Skies International Preschool, located in the Thonglor / Ekamai area of Bangkok.

At Bright Skies International Preschool in Bangkok we aim for excellence by ensuring we educate young children to be the best they can be.
We do everything we can to ensure our pupils are resilient, intelligent, kind and happy young people who communicate well, love coming to school each day and enjoy learning new things.
At Bright Skies International Preschool we promise all children the very best in kindness, care and an exceptional education.
Our kindergarten’s  name portrays what we hope to help every child acquire; an excellent foundation of skills that ensure them a future of bright, happy skies ahead.


Pursuit of Excellence

At Bright Skies we maintain high expectations for kindness and good behaviour, excellent academic results and success in all we experience at school. We value individuality and honour every child’s uniqueness.



Learning is most successful when a child is happy, feels cared about, is safe and has opportunities to use all his or her senses. At Bright Skies we believe school should be fun and that learning should be captivating and enjoyable.


Interactive Learning Style

Our school day routine ensures children have a harmonious balance of time to actively work and play, both indoors and outdoors and fully express their personalities.


Happy Environment

Bright Skies International School is located in a lovely renovated house and leafy garden in central Bangkok.

Quick Facts About Us


25 Years

Director’s Experience in Teaching
and Managing Schools in Asia



At Bright Skies we offer 3 education programmes:
*English (full or half day)
*English and French (full day)
*English and Mandarin (full day) 



1000+ times our native English, Chinese
and French teachers smile a week!



Nationalities of children
represented at our school

What Parents Say

  • Olivia had a great journey at Bright Skies. We all love your school and this city. Hopefully we’ll come back soon. Thank you for everything.
    Mother of Olivia (aged 5 years)
  • Our daughter spent a very happy year in Nursery at Bright Skies. Throughout the year she blossomed into a confident and social young lady because of the nurturing care of the teachers. She also made some of her very first school friends here. It was the perfect preparation for the next step in her school life and we would definitely recommend Bright Skies for it’s supportive and caring community.
    Maya Cantrill's family
  • ``Bright Skies is perfect preschool! My daughter wants to go to school every morning and very happy spending time in the school. Teachers are so great and give my daughter both knowledge & love. Her language skills, both English & Chinese, and confidence improved a lot in only few months. And one best thing, she's never got sick during learning in Bright Skies. Thank you for taking care my daughter with your heart.``
    Khun Gift, mother of Ami in Kindergarten class
  • ``I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at Bright Skies for making Isla and Ruby's time there enjoyable. My girls have thrived and have thoroughly enjoyed going to such a lovely place. It's like a small family, the staff genuinely care for the children and all have such beautiful energy about them. I would highly recommend this school if you're wanting your kids to have days filled with happiness, creativity and a calm, loving environment.``
    Aicha Smith, Mother of Isla and Ruby in Nursery class
  • “Coco just started attending Bright Skies. I really appreciate the constant communication and update about how she's doing at school. I also appreciate the passion and patience of the teachers with the kids. They look like they really enjoy what they are doing and it makes a difference to having my kid's learning in the school. Coco's comprehension, communication and ability to follow direction has improved dramatically since she started school one month ago! Thank you to the team at Bright Skies for your dedication and effort towards educating our children with lots of fun. Thank you Mrs Shayne for your dedication in children's education and your work to set up the school!”
    Mother of Coco, aged 3 years, 4 months
  • ``Highly recommend this school. The staff here are just wonderful, extremely loving and attentive, especially her English teacher. The care and attention they gave to my daughter by far exceeds any of our expectations. My daughter just absolutely loves going to school each day. The class structure provides a sense of comfort (love and care needed outside the home environment) to our daughter. We miss ``BRIGHTSKIES``.
    Mrs Soofong, mother of Thaara, aged 3 yrs 4 months
  • Thank you for all the love and care. Poh loves going to school so much. He likes singing Chinese songs all the time. Thank you Bright Skies. You are awesome.
    Parents of Poh (aged 2 years, 6 months)
  • Bright Skies provided our 2 year old with a friendly environment staffed by easy going, multicultural teachers. There is always plenty of good study material for the children, with fun practical activities our child always enjoyed. The quiet and secure surroundings are perfect for a school of this type.
    Tara’s (2 years 8 months) Mummy
  • 踏入幼儿园, 干净整洁 教室明亮, 孩子们在园中打闹嬉戏, 肆意的感受阳光。 Cici很享受在蓝色天空的这段日子, 她说这里的一切都好, 在这里的每一天都很开心, 老师的渲染力很强。 英语在这里也得到了很大的进步, 超级棒的学校, 我们会怀念这段时光
    Cici (aged 5) and her family
  • とても暖かく、アットホームな雰囲気の幼稚園です。 娘も自然に英語に触れ合う事が出来、幼稚園で覚えた歌を楽しそうに歌い踊るので のびのびと、楽しい時間を過ごせていたのではないかと思っています。 先生達が娘に愛情をかけ、また忍耐強く接して下さった事に感謝します。
    (parents of Kate in Nursery class)
  • ``I would like to thank you and all of your staff for the wonderful work that you have put in with Charlie. He loves going to school. That is all down to the fantastic environment you have created.``
    (Charlie's grandfather Jon Clark 2018)
  • ``Dear Bright Skies team, Thanks to you, Élisa will love school forever. I am really, really happy about all Élisa has learned and experienced with you. A warm and sincere thanks for all.``
    (Charlotte, mother of Élisa, aged 3 years)


Bright Skies Reception class for 4 - 5 year olds Ekamai BangkokOur School is growing!
Contact us to enroll your 4-5 year old children in our new class starting in August 2019!
Reserve a place now for a 25% discount on Term 1’s tuition fees.

Please contact us for more information on our half and full day options for toddlers! 

We are also happy to be able to offer French speaking classes in the afternoons.  Please contact us if you would like more information about this.

Our school year is a bouncy and busy one so far.   

See what has been happening recently at Bright Skies: Splish Splash Songkran Day.

Please view our PHOTO GALLERY for more photos of our school events.

happy to be at international pre-school thonglor2019 – 2020 Academic year enrollments are now open!

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